Financial Planning to Life Planning

I come from nearly 20 years in the Financial Planning industry where 'in a nutshell' we help people achieve financial goals through the better utilisation of existing financial resources. There's always been a couple of things I didn't like about this. I think most financial planners are genuinely trying to help their clients improve the... Continue Reading →

Beware unearned acquisition

Beware unprepared exposure When struggling to make ends meet for even the seemingly ‘basic’ things of life, we can develop a greater appreciation for what little excess we have. When there's ample excess, or the less we consider a particular resource to be 'required', the less we also consider it a waste to spend on... Continue Reading →

Misleading wow-factor

Don't confuse wow factor with edification. Because edification usually involves ‘internal’ experiences as opposed to external ones, we come to associate that which ‘moves us’ internally, as edifying. If something is emotionally powerful, we can easily identify a change or a ‘capture’ of our internal attention. We might consider it edifying because it’s not an... Continue Reading →

Deceitfully appears superior

Gratification does initially burn brighter Gratification is a willingness to burn more than surplus alone, for the purpose of short-term gain. He who edifies however, will not waste more than their excess because they understand and appreciate that they have stakeholders who rely on their base ability to continue functioning as expected, and therefore they... Continue Reading →

Conscience discord desensitisation

You might think it a pointless argument trying to convince somebody that 'blinding yourself makes you blind', but the way we live our lives often suggests our need to be reminded. Every time we suppress our conscience, ignore our values or live in discord with what we know to be right, we reinforce a desensitisation... Continue Reading →

Unlimited blindness

Gratification blinds us. It's a heavily underappreciated and a heavy, deadly truth. The reality that there's countless opportunities to gratify ourselves on a daily basis accompanied with the fact that we gratify by default, makes the dangers of gratification and it's blinding effect, something we all need to take much more seriously than we do. Gratification’s... Continue Reading →

Excess evidence

I may address this in more detail further along (under "expenditure represents value"), but it's important to also appreciate what your excess says about you. I give it as my opinion that how you spend your excess says more about your values/priorities than how you spend your function's resources. Whatever you categorise as 'function' by... Continue Reading →

Gratification’s indifference

Now picture Y overlapping X. Let's say the resources required to maintain X fall within X (function) and everything else is excess. Financially, as an example, you may only require 85% of your income to maintain your lifestyle/sanity/capabilities etc. This is your function. Whatever you have access to that is over this amount is your... Continue Reading →

Gratification’s dysfunction

Imagine a metaphorical circle around your person that is indicative of the extent of your present capabilities. Your influence, reach, talents, resources, the lot. It's summerised as X and symbolically represented as the green circle below. When you edify your hunger, X increases, when you gratify your hunger, X decreases. Picture another, larger circle, next to... Continue Reading →

Waking up through alignment

Always tired no matter how much you sleep? Always hungry no matter how much you eat? Always unsatisfied, no matter how much you struggle forward? You're not alone. If you're tired of trying to fill the unfillable void, fed up with spinning wheels with far too little traction or sick of the numbing pain of... Continue Reading →

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