What if… ‘Limitless’ was real?

What if the concept of the hit blockbuster "Limitless" wasn't as far fetched as you thought? What if you liked it so much, not just because of Bradley Cooper's engaging raccoon charisma, but because there was a heavy underlying truth resonating with you in a deep, subconscious way? What if there was an enhanced state... Continue Reading →


Function & Excess

The entirety of all of our resources in life, at any given point in time, can be separated into two categories, Function and Excess. Function represents the portion of resources required for us to continue 'functioning' as we now do; excess represents any resources that are leftover after that. Using this image as a symbolic example, the white... Continue Reading →

We gratify by default

As already discussed, to gratify is filterless. It involves consuming with no regard to long-term consequences while prioritising hunger-removal above all else. Just like water down a mountain, filterless consumption follows the path of least resistance. It's about the easiest, quickest and cheapest approach to dealing with a hunger. This means it's also the most commonly chosen outcome... Continue Reading →

Is our worth changeable?

Controversial topic warning: When speaking about this recently a number of people involved were quite offended and became both defensive and hostile. It's very easy to see why because without full context and patient perspective it easily sounds like one is trying to say "some people are worthless". In short: we can become so. However, those... Continue Reading →

Appreciating all hungers as opportunities

Physical hunger is probably the most common hunger we all identify with and as such I’ll start here to illustrate some edifying vs gratifying principles. When we’re physically hungry we want to consume food. Some food is good for us, some bad, and some in between. If one gratifies their hunger by eating junk food,... Continue Reading →

In the bloginning…

They say starting is always the hardest part, which resonates with me... but technically speaking I'm anywhere between 2 to 30 years+ in the making of this and still struggling. I started 'Edifying Success' for a number of reasons but one of the most important ones is to help people see more clearly. As lame... Continue Reading →

Edify Vs Satisfy Vs Gratify

For the purposes of understanding these principles, consider the following: Gratification is detrimental because it is primarily about self-indulgence: It prioritises feeding the hunger over ensuring the quality of what’s being consumed. Little to no consideration is given of the after-effects & therefore one accepts consuming even detrimental things. Satisfaction is primarily about meeting expectations.... Continue Reading →

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