Proactive self-destruction

Due to gratification's blinding nature, it's possible that we ironically pursue particular things in the genuine belief that they are what's best for us, yet in reality we're actually contributing to our detriment. We are capable of ignorant proactive self-debilitation.  An extreme version of this is evident in serious addiction to substance abuse. When an... Continue Reading →

All truth harmoniously co-exists

Just like the existence of macro-nutrients doesn’t disprove the existence of micro-nutrients or the existence of carbohydrates disprove the existence of fats, the existence of one truth doesn’t disprove the existence of another. The fight is rarely one-sided, and discrediting the opposition entirely is rarely wise. “Throwing the baby out with the bathwater” was an... Continue Reading →

You are what you consume

Because it's literally the nutrients in what we eat that fuels the cell reproduction and adds to the physical mass and make-up of our bodies, garbage food = garbage fuel = garbage production = garbage body. Healthy fuel = healthy body etc. The more important issue I want to highlight however is that it's not... Continue Reading →

Truth creates function

  Consider for a moment that truth is at the source of all things; that nothing can exist without some degree of truth. Even the truth that a thing can exist, must precede its existence, kind of like a seed. Only that which is primarily true can “live” (continue to increase in function) while that... Continue Reading →

Continuums of being

To edify means to increase one's capacity to be good. That can be achieved by increasing one's capacity to consistently do good. Demonstrated below is what I will refer to as 'the outer continuum of being'. If you ever want to become something you're not, or to stop being something you are, all you theoretically... Continue Reading →

Circles of stewardship

I will drop my kids for my wife, in basically every single instance that doesn't result in putting them in danger, and even then maybe so. Here's why: It's the best. My experience tells me that it puts all of us in the best possible place to take on the biggest challenges and achieve the... Continue Reading →

Financial Planning to Life Planning

I come from nearly 20 years in the Financial Planning industry where 'in a nutshell' we help people achieve financial goals through the better utilisation of existing financial resources. There's always been a couple of things I didn't like about this. I think most financial planners are genuinely trying to help their clients improve the... Continue Reading →

Beware unearned acquisition

Danger of unprepared exposure When one struggles to make ends meet for the seemingly ‘basic’ things of life, one not only has less excess but usually also has a greater appreciation for what little excess there is. Therefore, they're less likely to waste it on personal gratification. In contrast, when there's ample excess, or the... Continue Reading →

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