Beware unearned acquisition

Danger of unprepared exposure When one struggles to make ends meet for the seemingly ‘basic’ things of life, one not only has less excess but usually also has a greater appreciation for what little excess there is. Therefore, they're less likely to waste it on personal gratification. In contrast, when there's ample excess, or the... Continue Reading →

Misleading wow-factor

Don't confuse wow factor with edification. Because edification usually involves ‘internal’ experiences as opposed to external ones, we come to associate that which ‘moves us’ internally, as edifying. If something is emotionally powerful, we can easily identify a change or a ‘capture’ of our internal attention. We might consider it edifying because it’s not an... Continue Reading →

Deceitfully appears superior

Gratification does initially burn brighter Gratification is a willingness to burn more than surplus alone, for the purpose of short-term gain. He who edifies however, will not waste more than their excess because they understand and appreciate that they have stakeholders who rely on their base ability to continue functioning as expected, and therefore they... Continue Reading →

Unlimited blindness

Gratification blinds us. It's a heavily underappreciated and a heavy, deadly truth. The reality that there's countless opportunities to gratify ourselves on a daily basis accompanied with the fact that we gratify by default, makes the dangers of gratification and it's blinding effect, something we all need to take much more seriously than we do. Gratification’s... Continue Reading →

Waking up through alignment

Always tired no matter how much you sleep? Always hungry no matter how much you eat? Always unsatisfied, no matter how much you struggle forward? You're not alone. If you're tired of trying to fill the unfillable void, fed up with spinning wheels with far too little traction or sick of the numbing pain of... Continue Reading →

Function & Excess

The entirety of all of our resources in life, at any given point in time, can be separated into two categories, Function and Excess. Function represents the portion of resources required for us to continue 'functioning' as we now do; excess represents any resources that are leftover after that. Using this image as a symbolic example, the white... Continue Reading →

We gratify by default

As already discussed, to gratify is filterless. It involves consuming with no regard to long-term consequences while prioritising hunger-removal above all else. Just like water down a mountain, filterless consumption follows the path of least resistance. It's about the easiest, quickest and cheapest approach to dealing with a hunger. This means it's also the most commonly chosen outcome... Continue Reading →

Is our worth changeable?

Controversial topic warning: When speaking about this recently a number of people involved were quite offended and became both defensive and hostile. It's very easy to see why because without full context and patient perspective it easily sounds like one is trying to say "some people are worthless". In short: we can become so. However, those... Continue Reading →

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