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Edifying Success eBook

Edifying Success eBook $5.00
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3D LifeSpan (Currently running Alpha Free-Trials)

You can book a time to start your own free-trial of 3D LifeSpan (Alpha) by clicking here! Meetings held via phone, webcam, or in person (location/distance permitting).

This experience expands the 2D line that exists between birth and death via completing 5 steps that flesh out your potential & the possibilities of what can fill the time in between.

Via a 1hr web meeting, you’ll receive your own copy of the whole template and we’ll begin completing the first 2 steps together. It will likely take 1-2 free follow-up appointments to complete all 5 steps but by the end of the first appointment you should have a good idea of how potentially valuable the whole experience could be.

The template is currently a simple spreadsheet (eventually in the form of a mobile app) that serves as a personal progress map allowing you to see at any given point in time what you could/should be working on to ensure you’re making the most of your life.

Through your unique 3D LifeSpan you’re able to confidently picture in a single glance how anything you do relates to everything you want to be. Not only “what‘s next” on your to-do list, but how it connects to when and where you should be doing it, how it’s doable, why you’re doing it, who you’re trying to become and who you’re doing it for. All prioritised according to your unique values.

  • What you want to do:
    • Dreams/Goals
    • Projects/Tasks
  • How you can do it (available resources):
    • Time
    • Money
    • Relationships
    • Energy
    • etc.
  • When & where you want to do it:
    • via calendar sync
  • Why you want to do it:
    • Who you’re trying to become
      • Attributes/Virtues
    • Who you’re becoming it for
      • Roles
      • Stakeholders

By knowing the most valuable thing we could be working on at any given point in time we can engage in more meaningful work, more easily, and more often, while remaining confident in our priorities thus allowing the less important things to take care of themselves.

See at a glance how all of the most meaningful aspects of your unique life can come together under a single mode of management by clicking here and booking a time to get started.

3DLifeSpan helps you with:

  • Conscience Consulting: Getting to the heart of your problems, values, beliefs, priorities and desired outcomes.
    • best suited to those who
      • are unsure where to begin
  • Vision/Benchmarking: Identifying what could and would matter most to you in life and where you currently stand relative to that vision. It can include building your mission statement and creating your ideal week.
    • best suited to those who
      • feel they’re not making the most out of life
      • struggle with clarity, direction or motivation
  • Creating traction: Genuinely feel progress as you remember your end-goals, clarify your next most important steps and evidently track your accomplishments on a daily basis.
    • best suited to those who
      • feel stuck in a rut
      • feel like they’re going in circles
  • Embody Integrity: Ensuring the expenditure of your life on a daily/recurring basis clearly evidences your desired values & priorities.
    • best suited to those who
      • want a simple and clear way to prove to themselves and the world around them that they’re genuine in their goals & pursuits
  • Edifying value: Gauging and increasing the edifying value of your current life through identification and replacement of gratifying/wasteful habits.
    • Ideal for those who
      • feel like they are weighed down by an anchor they can’t identify or rid themselves of
      • feel confused and annoyed by fruitless endeavours

Other experiences Edifying Success can help you with, include:

  • Habitualising edification: Making helpful progress second nature
  • Fostering Inspiration: Instead of forcing it
  • Honest Improvement: Becoming more > Acquiring more
  • Symbolising Commitment: Solidifying your commitment by evidencing it in your physical world
  • Gearing Gratitude: Utilisation is the best evidence of appreciation

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