You can book a time to chat by clicking here.

Initial consultations are free. Additional/ongoing appointment costs vary but as a guide:

  • $55 for one meeting
  • $150 for three meetings
  • $250 for weekly accountability meeting over 6 weeks.

Meetings usually held over webcam or phone, but meeting in person is also available if location/distance permits.

General purpose meetings are available but greater value is usually achieved when focussed on producing a specific outcome.

Outcomes Edifying Success can help you with and is continually developing, include:

  • Flagship:
    • Habitualising edification: Making helpful progress second nature
    • Fostering Inspiration: Instead of forcing it
    • Honest Improvement: Becoming more > Acquiring more
    • Symbolising Commitment: Solidifying your commitment by evidencing it in your physical world
    • Gearing Gratitude: Utilisation is the best evidence of appreciation
  • More specific/targeted:
    • Traction: Find clarity and prioritisation of the next most important steps.
      • Ideal for those who
        • feel stuck in a rut
        • are struggling to make progress
    • Benchmark: Establishing the greatest possible good that could be accomplished in your life and tying that to the small things you can do everyday to make it happen. It includes building your mission statement and creating your ideal week.
      • Ideal for those who
        • struggle with motivation
        • feel unsatisfied with their life in general
    • Integrity: Ensuring the expenditure of your life on a daily/recurring basis clearly evidences your desired values & priorities.
      • Ideal for those who
        • want a simple and clear way to prove to themselves and the world around them that they’re genuine in their goals & pursuits
    • Edifying value: Gauging and increasing the edifying value of your current life through identification and replacement of gratifying/wasteful habits.
      • Ideal for those who
        • feel like they are weighed down by an anchor they can’t identify or rid themselves of

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