Edifying Your Hunger for Success aims to offer an uplifting perspective on the paradigm of building versus consuming your way to success. Here you’ll find leadership, insights, exercises, progress measuring tools and much more for those of you who struggle to feel satisfied in life or make sufficiently meaningful progress towards your goals.

The plan is to make a treasure trove of helpful connections and media so that you can fill your life with the things that keep you in the most edifying and empowering mindset.

Eventually, here you’ll find:

  • Regular blog posts that aim to inspire through uplifting thoughts & new perspectives
  • Self-evaluation tools that keep you honest and moving forward
  • Recommendations to all of the most edifying things found in life, including:
    • Music
    • Movies
    • Books
    • Videos
    • Talks
    • Blogs
    • Speakers
    • Artists
    • Websites
    • & more
  • A community of people committed to making the most of life and helping others do the same

In the meantime feel free to contribute and give as much feedback as you can to help speed up the process 🙂

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