What you want matters

And not just the things you think you should want. The things you shouldn’t want matter too. Your ‘WantList’ is your first of three ‘InfiniteLists’ that I argue should be recorded for a number of reasons.

It says a lot about you. It helps with self-actualisation: getting a clear picture of where you are, where you’re headed and where you want to be.

When the list is clear, it becomes a great tool that we can use to demonstrate our priorities, providing simple exercises we can do to prove to ourselves where our values lie, today. We can correct our course if we’re headed somewhere we don’t want to be and we can close the distance on the places we DO want to be.

Another benefit is it provides us doorways to begin exploring our own minds and the truths (and lies) we subconsciously house within ourselves. This also provides opportunities to uproot unnecessary baggage we carry and sharpen the helpful tools we already possess.

If you haven’t already written down your own WantList, why not now? As one of the first experiences I recommend for those in the pursuit of honest success, I promise it’s an edifying one.


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