To my sons

I may be far from a perfect father, but a few of things I have grown certain of and wish to permanently remind you of, are these: The first is that I love you and I intend on spending the rest of my life ensuring that the only stumbling block to you feeling that love... Continue Reading →

Unsuspecting propulsion

So by now, I’ve hopefully put forward a pretty clear case as to how good, reliable, honourable and empowering edification is. Since it's not our default behaviour and requires work to filter through the consumables that aren't going to end up doing us any good, it can seem too difficult and too distant for us... Continue Reading →

Our core of cores

In continuums of being I address the layers we're made of and I go into a bit more detail in 'we become what we believe'. It would appear that the closer we get to the 'core driving factors' of our being, the larger influence we find those things to have over the rest of our... Continue Reading →

Trajectory, speed & destination arrival

Further to 'becoming > being', I want to talk about why confirming trajectory and optimising speed should be more important focal points for us, than merely arriving at specific destinations. Actually becoming successful Both confirming trajectory and optimising speed are things that are fare more within our control and influence than 'destination arrival'. Generally speaking,... Continue Reading →

Why we need a perfect benchmark

Why we need a benchmark Hopefully I've already made it clear that we gratify by default and that there's really no limit to how far down that road we can go if we don't consciously decide to stop and go another way. The best we can logically hope for is some degree of mediocrity and... Continue Reading →

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