We become what we believe

What we are becoming is of greater importance than:

  • What we are: because being crap matters less if we’re becoming greater and being great matters less if we’re becoming worse.
  • What we do: because what we do is but an even smaller scope of what we are.
  • What we have: because what you do with what you have dictates the value; unutilised value isn’t an asset, it’s a waste and a liability, making us a further liability in the process.

Our day-to-day routines determine what it is we’re becoming.

Our belief in what value our efforts of the day contribute to ‘what could be/what we can become’ is a primary key contributing factor determining our day-to-day routines, surpassed, perhaps, only by which beliefs we choose to or allow ourselves to, feed the most.

If we leave our day-to-day routines to be primarily dictated by our subconscious mind, we are too likely to default into becoming whatever the loudest stimuli around us is persuading us to believe and focus on, or perhaps even worse, going in circles and becoming nothing at all because of how fluctuating and self-contradicting the ‘loudest stimuli’ can be.

We must consciously manage what beliefs we will feed and bring to life into our simple, but critically important, day-to-day routines. Beliefs can often be very much like a train ride, carrying its own momentum. It’s easier than many realise to get ‘caught up’ in the beliefs of others, especially when there’s a great deal of momentum onboard already. Even without choosing them, if they’re surrounding us we will be effected by them. If we’re not consciously repetitively reviewing our beliefs including the various unsolicited ‘train rides’ going on around us, it’s too easy to get carried away by unwanted momentum.

Measuring or assessing belief needs to include the depths of our subconscious conceptualisation of what’s possible in the world around us, but continues through the by-products of those perceptions to also include our conscious thoughts, our language, our actions and the habits then formed etc. Remembering ‘all things by degrees’, our ‘beliefs’ can exist either harmoniously throughout our entire being or sporadically and inconsistently existing only in parts. Anything we entirely believe, will have evidence of such found from the depths of our subconscious mind right out into our daily habits, including our conscious thoughts, dialogue, actions, reactions, schedules and general day-to-day living.

The more we appreciate how dramatically valuable the small contributions of day-to-day life are, the more our beliefs will allow us to see the full scope of our own potential. Our beliefs are at the heart of what it is we become. The transformation process of becoming anything we want to be, begins with our belief that such is a possibility and a refusal to believe the same guarantees the death of the belief and subsequent refusal to grow, feed, or even ‘let’ such possibilities live.


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