Unhelpfully helping others

So it should be very obvious by this point how unhelpful gratification is but let me address it for a moment in the context of how we go about helping others. Gratification so often looks like we're doing something good when in reality, we're not. The same is true when it comes to our interactions... Continue Reading →

Gratification is addictive

Gratification itself is addictive, not just the individual dependencies that come to mind when we think of addiction.  Smoking, alcohol, meth, gambling, sex, social media etc. all often feel like separate aspects of our lives which leads many of us to believe that if we can just keep them separate that they won't effect the... Continue Reading →

Daily foundation

Great days don't have to be random chance. They can be made, even with a very high rate of success. There's multiple recipes and you might wanna try out a wide variety before you settle down on your unique flavours and preferences, but eventually you're likely going to find that with just an hour or... Continue Reading →

Gratifying lies

When we talk about it, it makes sense. Excuses are excuses. However, when it's not the conscious part of our discussion, we still too often end up living the lie, spending our days making the same gratifying comments or thinking the same unhelpful things: If only I had... I'll be happy when... Life will finally... Continue Reading →

The unprepared will too likely gratify

In case this hasn't been sufficiently explicitly stated thus far: the unprepared are too likely to do themselves more harm than good in acquiring any degree of mass resources. It's dangerous. If the way one currently spends their existing resources indicates they gratify themselves more than edifying themselves then adding more 'capacity' will surely just... Continue Reading →

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