Truth creates function

Consider for a moment that truth is at the source of all things; that nothing can exist without some degree of truth. Even the truth that a thing can exist, must precede its existence, kind of like a seed. Only that which is primarily true can “live” (continue to increase in function) while that which... Continue Reading →

Continuums of being

To edify means to increase one's capacity to be good. That can be achieved by increasing one's capacity to consistently do good. Demonstrated below is what I will refer to as 'the outer continuum of being'. If you ever want to become something you're not, or to stop being something you are, all you theoretically... Continue Reading →

Circles of stewardship

I will drop my kids for my wife, in basically every single instance that doesn't result in putting them in danger, and even then maybe so. Here's why: It's the best. My experience tells me that it puts all of us in the best possible place to take on the biggest challenges and achieve the... Continue Reading →

Financial Planning to Life Planning

I come from nearly 20 years in the Financial Planning industry where 'in a nutshell' we help people achieve financial goals through the better utilisation of existing financial resources. There's always been a couple of things I didn't like about this. I think most financial planners are genuinely trying to help their clients improve the... Continue Reading →

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