Deceitfully appears superior

Gratification does initially burn brighter

Gratification is a willingness to burn more than surplus alone, for the purpose of short-term gain. mohamed-nohassi-186911-unsplash.jpgHe who edifies however, will not waste more than their excess because they understand and appreciate that they have stakeholders who rely on their base ability to continue functioning as expected, and therefore they can’t risk wasting any more than surplus. Gratification therefore, initially has access to a greater amount of resources to burn. Therefore, they can in fact burn much brighter, initially.

Despite the fact that such can’t be sustained permanently, individuals looking on with a shorter term perspective can too easily compare the gratifying method to the edifying, and perceive superior results from gratification. We ought to beware of jumping from an edifying ship for the faster-paced gratifying ship as we initially see it go by.

Gratifying success can be more attractive than edifying success, like an investment with amazing short-term performance that it overshadows the long-term inferior performance. The primary problem being that it will happily burn long-term valuables for short-term performance gain even if such comes at a cost to themselves or their stakeholders.

The average length of time individuals willingly invest into the purpose/thing/entity might indicate it’s edifying value. Organisations with high staff turnover, for example, could take the indication as a chance to evaluate themselves, ensuring they’re not prioritising gratifying success. If they’re required to ‘burn through staff’ to accomplish their goals or make a profit, there’s a high probability.

sharon-mccutcheon-556371-unsplash.jpgCompanies who take more than they give from their stakeholders, thinking so long as they pay them a wage, even a HANDSOME wage, that they then have rights to waste the resources of their staff (such as their time, talents, autonomy etc.) evidence their failure to truly measure their contributions/withdrawals/trades with their related parties. Distributors, partners, clients, staff etc. are all involved stakeholders. When considering all practical variables, does your relationship with anyone around you, increase or decrease the function (personal capabilities) of those individuals involved?

One would be wise to expect that if something is “too good to be true” that that just might be the case. Many of us look at our situation and desire to trade it in for the faster-paced road which seems to be doing just fine and doesn’t seem to be having any serious negative effect on those around it. If they are using gratifying methods, they can expect to get ahead faster, at first. Eventually, however, their wake will be identified and their identity revealed.


  • Does your ability to get through each day come with a dependence on ‘burning through’ other people or relationships in order to fill your void or feed your hungers?
    • Do you feel a need to behave in any negative way towards the people around you?
    • Do you feel a need to yell at your friends?
    • Do you feel a need to be blunt and short with your partner?
    • Do you feel a need to aggressively discipline children, staff or co-workers, in order to get them to ‘listen better’?
    • Are these actual needs, or wants that we’ve grown dependant on; our own dysfunction in disguise?


  • Do the people you commonly interact with honestly feel like you’re a benefit to their existence?
    • Do they feel like you give more than you take?
    • Do you periodically ask them, to be sure?


  • Do the businesses, projects, groups etc. that you’re regularly engaged in, also periodically diagnose the edifying/gratifying effect they have on their stakeholders?



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