Beware unearned acquisition

Beware unprepared exposure When struggling to make ends meet for even the seemingly ‘basic’ things of life, we can develop a greater appreciation for what little excess we have. When there's ample excess, or the less we consider a particular resource to be 'required', the less we also consider it a waste to spend on... Continue Reading →

Misleading wow-factor

Don't confuse wow factor with edification. Because edification usually involves internal experiences as opposed to external ones, we come to associate that which moves us internally, as edifying. If something is emotionally powerful, we can easily identify some kind of internal change or at least a capture of our emotions/attention. We might consider it edifying... Continue Reading →

Deceitfully appears superior

Gratification does initially burn brighter Gratification is a willingness to burn more than surplus alone, for the purpose of short-term gain. He who edifies however, will not waste more than their excess because they understand and appreciate that they have stakeholders who rely on their base ability to continue functioning as expected, and therefore they... Continue Reading →

Conscience discord desensitisation

ONLY those committed to increasingly familiarising themselves with their own conscience have a justifiable hope of identifying whatever gratifications currently trap them, or what pursuits will be the most edifying. You might think it a pointless argument trying to convince somebody that 'blinding yourself makes you blind', but the way we live our lives often... Continue Reading →

Unlimited blindness

ONLY those who understand and apply the principles of edification have a justifiable hope of seeing clearly, so that they can overcome gratifying blindness and make the most of life. Gratification produces dysfunction & indifference, prioritises short-term perspectives, is selfishly self-destructive, is often the fear-based choice, but what I want to highlight here, is how... Continue Reading →

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