Edifying others

Most of us would probably agree that giving people exactly what they want isn't necessarily going to be good for them. "Be careful what you wish for" is a term most understand when they hear it. In the process of trying to help other people, using the 'edifying' lens is going to help us ensure... Continue Reading →

Excess evidence

I may address this in more detail further along (under "expenditure represents value"), but it's important to appreciate what our excess says about us. I give it as my opinion that how we spend our excess says more about our values/priorities than how we spend our function's resources. Whatever we categorise as 'function' by default/the... Continue Reading →

Gratification’s indifference

Now picture Y overlapping X. Let's say the resources required to maintain X fall within X (function) and everything else is excess. Financially, as an example, you may only require 85% of your income to maintain your lifestyle/sanity/capabilities etc. This is your function. Whatever you have access to that is over this amount is your... Continue Reading →

Gratification’s dysfunction

Imagine a metaphorical circle around your person that is indicative of the extent of your present capabilities. Your influence, reach, talents, resourcefulness, the lot. It's summerised as X and symbolically represented as the green circle below. When you edify your hunger, X increases, when you gratify your hunger, X decreases. Picture another, larger circle, next... Continue Reading →

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