What if… ‘Limitless’ was real?

joshua-earle-33443.jpgWhat if the concept of the hit blockbuster “Limitless” wasn’t as far fetched as you thought? What if you liked it so much, not just because of Bradley Cooper’s engaging raccoon charisma, but because there was a heavy underlying truth resonating with you in a deep, subconscious way?

What if there was an enhanced state of mind that you could experience that so dramatically expanded your conceptual field of view that you suddenly felt like your normal life is being lived in a match-box and you’ve awoken to see the magnitude of the solar system and genuinely feel your near-limitless reach to influence all that is in it?

martin-sattler-84515.jpgWhat if the world you live in is genuinely filled to the brim with drastically heavily untapped potential and resources that you spend most of your life completely blind to? What if you find yourself ‘wired’ to blindness, discovering that your ingratitude and subsequent underutilisation of the tools at your disposal on a recurring daily-basis is what’s fostering and fortifying that blindness?

What if you didn’t need a drug to wake up, but could follow a set formula of directions that fostered a reliably high probability of producing such an elevated state of mind? What if being unable to ‘force’ such experiences made them no less worthy of pursuit because experience had taught you that all investment dedicated to reaching and maintaining such vision was always worth it?

andrew-ridley-76547.jpgWhat if there were actually plenty of people ‘testifying’ that such experiences are not only attainable, but repeatable, sustainable and utterly invaluable? What if you one day discover that you’ve been hearing something countless times throughout your entire life, but since you have always heard it via different sources, using words in different contexts, illustrating seemingly different pictures, only to realise the pattern that despite their differences they’re actually all talking about the same thing? Gilbert’s “elusive creative genius“, Csíkszentmihályi’s “flow“, Priestley’s “momentum“, Paul’s “glass removal“, Covey’s “mission statements“, Destin’s “smarter every day“…

What if they’ve spent their whole lives basically screaming at the world to have another look at how you’re seeing things, because there’s limitless potential to see and experience so much more than we do by default while living in our standard “go with the flow” lives and more importantly that such new perspectives are not only worth striving to produce but are an absolute must for anybody to truly live and fulfill the role they play in helping others also truly live?

What if it’s not worth going one more day without at least telling your most loved one, or those around you, today, that “I believe the limitless viewpoint is genuinely experienceable and I want to foster it in my life as best I can.”?

What if letting yourself utter the words to another person was the initiating momentum necessary to get you started in your next season of life, filled with unprecedented limitless perspective?



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