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They say starting is always the hardest part, which resonates with me… but technically speaking I’m anywhere between 2 to 30 years+ in the making of this and still struggling. I started ‘Edifying Success’ for a number of reasons but one of the most important ones is to help people see more clearly. As lame and cliché as it may sound, I believe that even the small things we hate can too easily blind us from the greatest things we would love. It’s also my opinion that focusing on the things we love works to dispel that blindness.

As an example, there are some things I hate.

I hate working for the dollar. I hate it when it feels like the paycheck is the most rewarding aspect of my working life. Yes we all need money and yes, perhaps I even want more of it than I should. However if I don’t achieve something more valuable than the dollars earned, I have a very recognisable dissatisfaction yearning from within me. I’m convinced I’m not alone.

I love truth. I expect some of you instantly understand what that means to me, while others might not have thought about it very much. To clarify…

  • I love the illuminating light it can bring to dark paths
  • I love the enduring hope it can bring to difficult times
  • I love the selfless spirit it can bring to selfish attitudes
  • I love the enlightening intelligence it can bring to humble minds
  • I love the enabling function it can bring to dysfunction
  • I love the bridging overpass it can bring to otherwise dead-ends


I suspect and hope that through Edifying Success I’m able to create a business through delivering edifying truth to those who genuinely crave it in their pursuit of life’s success. I desire to make it both easier and more attractive for people to pursue fulfilling goals as well as doing so via more uplifting and motivating methods.

I want to help people be more self-aware and make it easier for you to self-evaluate your standing. I want to help you acquire the inspiring tools that get you into that purpose-driven mindset where you’re able to knuckle down and push through whatever’s keeping you from making the most of life. Music, books, movies, videos, forums, artists, events, training, education, professionals, advisers, reviews etc. Whatever I can do to pool whatever you need to more easily get your life ‘on-track’ and keep it that way, is what I’ll be working on.

Imagine your life at full speed, where everything you listen to, read, watch and even think about, on a daily basis, are all propelling gears that keep you going in the direction you want to be. This is the world I want to give you access to. A flooding river of truth that helps people commit to life.

I invite you to join me. Share/follow/like/subscribe, whatever floats your boat!
Let me know if there’s best place to start, for you personally. I’ve got a long line-up to eventually get my vision out, but if there’s aspects that I feel would resonate with you more than others, I’d love to be getting those parts to you sooner.

& maybe help me find that ideal delivery speed between getting it all to you as quickly as you want and just annoyingly flooding your social media 😛


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