What you want matters

And not just the things you think you should want. The things you shouldn't want matter too. Your 'WantList' is your first of three 'InfiniteLists' that I argue should be recorded for a number of reasons. It says a lot about you. It helps with self-actualisation: getting a clear picture of where you are, where... Continue Reading →

To my sons

I may be far from a perfect father, but a few of things I have grown certain of and wish to permanently remind you of, are these: The first is that I love you and I intend on spending the rest of my life ensuring that the only stumbling block to you feeling that love... Continue Reading →

Unsuspecting propulsion

So by now, I’ve hopefully put forward a pretty clear case as to how good, reliable, honourable and empowering edification is. Since it's not our default behaviour and requires work to filter through the consumables that aren't going to end up doing us any good, it can seem too difficult and too distant for us... Continue Reading →

Our core of cores

In continuums of being I address the layers we're made of and I go into a bit more detail in 'we become what we believe'. It would appear that the closer we get to the 'core driving factors' of our being, the larger influence we find those things to have over the rest of our... Continue Reading →

Trajectory, speed & destination arrival

Further to 'becoming > being', I want to talk about why confirming trajectory and optimising speed should be more important focal points for us, than merely arriving at specific destinations. Actually becoming successful Both confirming trajectory and optimising speed are things that are fare more within our control and influence than 'destination arrival'. Generally speaking,... Continue Reading →

Why we need a perfect benchmark

Why we need a benchmark Hopefully I've already made it clear that we gratify by default and that there's really no limit to how far down that road we can go if we don't consciously decide to stop and go another way. The best we can logically hope for is some degree of mediocrity and... Continue Reading →

We can gratify ourselves with truth.

Edification is increasing your capacity to be good, both for yourself and those in your circles of stewardship, by implementing truth throughout one's continuums of being. Of all the truth that exists, it's not all equal when it comes to our unique position and implementing particular truths is going to be more/less advantageous than others.... Continue Reading →

Tips for internalising truth

Feeling the experience So we want to internalise truth. We want to find more of it and add it to our selves, our being, our body, mind, soul, whatever you want to call it. The process isn't always a strictly mental one, although such does constitute a large player in the game. As anecdotal as... Continue Reading →

We’re far more capable than we think

The only way we can continue existing in good conscience despite having an infinite number of responsibilities and a finite number of resources is through the prioritisation of that which edifies. Once appropriate priorities, we can very quickly discover that we house the capacity to be substantially more effective, productive and enlivened than we think of... Continue Reading →

Contextualises atrocities

The wisest course of action is often the one that has given consideration to the greatest number of variables, finding solutions that harmoniously respond to as many variables as possible. When it comes to a 'way of life' or a 'standard of living', we really want to go with one that we're proud of, in... Continue Reading →

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